Software Project Details



Database Registration

Our real estate software is built as an advanced customer management system which helps you record interest submission by guests' on your website which can be your biggest asset.


Direct Payment

Allow users to directly book their desired rented property or hotel through your website with many payment gateway options.


Sales Pipeline

The real estate system helps you track sales progress with your clients and funnel them into probability of conversion.


Website Management Support

The application is attached with your website and helps customise content as and when you feel like. Add properties, property rates, locations, seo friendly content and many more features.


Price Filter

Allow users to narrow in on their desired property through our real estate software. Give your clients accurate data to save their time and witness the best user experience possible.


Auto Suggestion

During one-on-one meetings the real estate system will suggest you best in demand properties in your localities as per your surveys, best prices and previously interested clients.



Features List:

1. Register your interest in desired property online, over the phone or email.


2. Search for properties online, with mobile search facility


3. Arrange filter for viewings products on our website, or give a call to owner or agent for related property you are interested for buying/ rent.


4. Keep track of all the customers interested in your property for follow-up and negotiation.


5. Customers and the property owners can give rating to the properties and clients respectively, that will give close to actual representation the property to prospective buyer/ tenant.


6. Insert the property details online using admin panel.


7. In the admin panel property owners can add/ update/ delete property listing for sale or rent. Property owners can also see the details of buyers who show their interest in buying or renting the property.


8. We can enable or disable a property using the admin panel.


9. Chat support for property owners and customers


10. Multiple ../images/ videos can be uploaded for the property for client.

11. Property search on various parameters like locality/ price/ facilities/ type of property/ amenities etc.


12. Payments can be accepted by property owners by card/ online directly using their online banking details.


13. Sign the contracts online on the portal itself.


14. Facility to create community of property owners/ renters/ buyers separately.


15. Integrated with social media for good promotion of properties listed on the portal.


16. The application allows the admins to create a good knowledge base for the prospective buyers/ renters/ sellers. This publishes articles which explain the process of buying/ selling/ renting with all the stipulated govt. guidelines and pitfalls which the user should be careful about.


17. Complete property CRM for the property owners and buyers or renters


18. Bilingual in English and Arabic


19. Supporting since 2017


20. Compton Digital's CRM is customizable as per your business and AI or Chatbot can be plugged in.